Director’s Message

Since inception its prestigious journey with the extreme supports of our valued client to reach this destination where we are now. My cordial thanks to all of our well wishers, our valuable clients, colleagues and association. My extreme venerate to all of our association to live up the significant.

Today’s logistics environment is as dynamic as ever and requires the right skills and expertise to expedite freight in this new regulatory world. Our service philosophy incorporates two key concepts

Ensuring that our customers comply with International logistics & Customs regulations, Dedication & its Coordination with movement of freight in an efficient and timely manner. Though simply stated, it takes a well-organized company with an elite team of members and freight forwarding specialists to deliver this philosophy everyday.

Our experienced officers and team members knowledge of India markets has been particularly beneficial for our clients, where our expertise and knowledge is especially critical. As your strategic partner, we are constantly enhancing our services to meet your specific needs and are proud to serve our customers become the premier companies in their industries. You have our commitment to excellence.


Ms. Babli Mitra