This is an activity which is the most important area of shipping either Export or Import, Its need specialist service with excellence & clarity.

We serve our client one step delivery and services includes as follows:

  • Import customs Clearance: – Identify of the HS classification, Customs duty structure, Assessment, Examination, Auditing, processing the customs clearance and arranging dispatch to make the delivery of the cargo.
  • Export customs clearance: – Preparation of documents for classification for DRAWBACK, DEPB or DEEC, Customs Process, Customs Examination and obtaining customs out charge and handling over to carriers.
  • Overseas Services: –  Through our overseas partners, we serve worldwide DDU, DDP, DAP, Ex- Works, FCA terms with smooth Customs declaration process whether in Far east or in America or in Europe.


  • Communication.
  • Documentation & Clarification.
  • Checklist approval.
  • Submission.
  • Examination & assessment.
  • Bonding or De- Bonding Cargo.
  • Consulting.
  • Economic handling and safety.
  • Trucking ( Pick & Delivery).